Selected (online)

Charles Simic’s No Land in Sight in Harvard Review Online 

Andrea Cohen’s Everything in Harvard Review Online

Robert Hedin’s At the Great Door of Morning in Harvard Review Online


Kevin Young’s Book of Hours in Harvard Review Online

W.S. Merwin’s The Moon Before Morning in Harvard Review Online

The Bees Are Waiting

Karina Borowicz’s The Bees Are Waiting in AGNI Online 

Frederick Seidel’s Nice Weather in Harvard Review Online

The Art of Recklessness

Dean Young’s The Art of Recklessness in Boston Review

 The Monster Loves His Labyrinth: Notebooks

Charles Simic’s The Monster Loves His Labyrinth in Rattle

Close Calls with Nonsense

Stephen Burt’s Close Calls with Nonsense in Boston Review

Kevin Young’s Dear Darkness in Boston Review

Zero at the Bone

Stacie Cassarino’s Zero at the Bone in NewPages

Eric Pankey’s The Pear as One Example in NewPages

Joshua Beckman’s Take It in NewPages