Jason Tandon

New Issue of CQR

The new issue of Chicago Quarterly Review (Vol. 22) is out with fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by F. Douglas Brown, George Choundas, Geffrey Davis, Panio Gianopoulos, Tim Keppel, Marianne Kunkel, Glen Pourciau, Ronald Tobias, and many others.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Visiting a Friend Who Was Given Six Months to Live Eleven Years Ago.”

New Issue of Gargoyle

The new issue of Gargoyle is out (#44) with an incredible variety of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry by such writers as Tina Barr, Mary Biddinger, Alex Cigale, Barbara Crooker, Moira Egan, Anna Maria Hong, Laird Hunt, Jill Khoury, Gerry LaFemina, Elisabeth Murawski, Noel Sloboda, Derek JG Williams, and Michele Wolf.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “Locker Room” and “Lines in Early Autumn.”

New Issue of the South Carolina Review

Clemson University Press

The new issue of The South Carolina Review (48.2) is out with a wonderful offering of essays, fiction, poetry, and reviews. My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Ars Poetica.”

New Issue of Beloit Poetry Journal

The winter issue (2015/2016) of Beloit Poetry Journal is out with work by Jennifer Atkinson, Michael Bazzett, Bruce Bond, Andrew Brenza, Jari Chevalier, Nicelle Davis, Chris Haven, Ann Keniston, Patrick Kindig, Éireann Lorsung, John C. Morrison, Miller Oberman, Richardo Pau-Llosa, Jeffrey Schwaner, Melissa Stein, Jason Tandon, Alexandra Teague, Robert Thomas, and Mark Wagenaar.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Discipline.”

New Issue of Salamander

The new issue of Salamander (#41) is out with work by Gail Mazur, Martha Collins, Wyn Cooper, Carrie Bennett, Chard deNiord, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jehanne Dubrow, Jessica Greenbaum, Mary LaChapelle, Nicholas Mainieri, Dawn Potter, Gabriel Levin, David Wagoner, and many other fine writers.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “At the Orchard.”

New Review: Book of Hours

My review of Kevin Young’s Book of Hours, which recently won the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, is up at the Harvard Review Online.

New Issue of Poetry East


The autumn issue of Poetry East is out with new work by Ace Boggess, Jody Bolz, Bruce Bond, Jared Carter, Dan Gerber, Bob Hicok, Meg Kearney, Barry Silesky, and C.K. Williams.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “L’Arabesque,” “New Year’s Day,” and “Swimming Alone in Broad Bay,” all from my new manuscript, The Actual World.



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