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New Issue of Lake Effect

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 21

The Spring 2017 issue of Lake Effect is out with poetry and fiction by Stephen Dunn, Norman Dubie, Kathy Fagan, Tony Hoagland, John Gallaher, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Jeff Gundy, Tina May Hall, Christopher Howell, Robert Gibb, Dorothy Berresi, Christopher Buckley, David Clewell, Alberto Alvaro Rios, and Kathryn Nuernberger.

My thanks to George Looney and the editorial board for including my poems “Directive” and “Dusk.”

New Issue of Poetry East


The new issue of Poetry East is out with poems by Robert Bly, Bruce Bond, Alan Feldman, Faith Shearin, James Armstrong, Jessica Greenbaum, Jodi Bolz, John Bargowksi, Julia Hanson, Mike White, Rebecca Foust, and Susan Terris. My thanks to editor Richard Jones for including my poems “Early Morning in Late Summer” and “Sudden Death in Middle Age.”

New Issue of Poet Lore

The Spring/ Summer 2017 issue of Poet Lore is out with work by Natasha Trethewey, Chana Bloch, Jim Daniels, William Virgil Davis, Dore Kiesselbach, Andrew Motion, D. Nurske, Carol Potter, Michael Waters, Terence Winch, and many others.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Wading out to Tarp the Boat on My Fortieth Birthday.”

New Issue of The Laurel Review

The new issue of The Laurel Review is out with work by Maxine Chernoff, Kristina Marie Darling, Kjell Espmark, Sally Ball, Bruce Bond, Matthew Cooperman, Dinah Cox, Shawn Fawson, Alex Lemon, Yang Mu, Martha Silano, Ingela Strandberg, and Tony Trigilio, and an interview with Marcus Wicker.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “The Engine Has Stalled” and “Moon Poem.”

New Issue of The Journal

The Winter 2016-2017 issue of The Journal is out with new work by Rae Armantrout, Lisa Russ Spaar, Monica Berlin, Adam Day, Michael Homolka, Abe Koogler, Kathryn Nuernberger, Nomi Stone, and Leah Umansky, and an interview with Carl Phillips.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “At Thirty-Seven, I Hear the Cry of a Great Horned Owl for the First Time” and “The Book.”

New Issue of The Louisville Review

The Spring 2016 issue of The Louisville Review is out with work by Denise Duhamel, Julie Marie Wade, Rebecca Gayle Howell, Nancy McCabe, Greg Pape, and Jack Ridl, among many others.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “My Father at Seventy.”

New Issue of Poet Lore


The Spring/ Summer 2016 issue of Poet Lore with work by writers such as Sandra Gilbert, Lorrie Goldensohn, Tony Hoagland, Patricia Hooper, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Vandana Khanna, Frannie Lindsay, Marge Piercy, Barbara Crooker, Patricia Fargnoli, Gary Fincke, Gerry LaFemina, Doug Ramspeck, Carrie Shipers, Lindsay Tigue, Mike White, and includes a selection of translations by Uruguayan poet Idea Vilarino.

My thanks to the editors for publishing my poem “Kindness.”


New Issue of CQR

The new issue of Chicago Quarterly Review (Vol. 22) is out with fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by F. Douglas Brown, George Choundas, Geffrey Davis, Panio Gianopoulos, Tim Keppel, Marianne Kunkel, Glen Pourciau, Ronald Tobias, and many others.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Visiting a Friend Who Was Given Six Months to Live Eleven Years Ago.”

New Issue of Gargoyle

The new issue of Gargoyle is out (#44) with an incredible variety of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry by such writers as Tina Barr, Mary Biddinger, Alex Cigale, Barbara Crooker, Moira Egan, Anna Maria Hong, Laird Hunt, Jill Khoury, Gerry LaFemina, Elisabeth Murawski, Noel Sloboda, Derek JG Williams, and Michele Wolf.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “Locker Room” and “Lines in Early Autumn.”

New Issue of Beloit Poetry Journal

The winter issue (2015/2016) of Beloit Poetry Journal is out with work by Jennifer Atkinson, Michael Bazzett, Bruce Bond, Andrew Brenza, Jari Chevalier, Nicelle Davis, Chris Haven, Ann Keniston, Patrick Kindig, Éireann Lorsung, John C. Morrison, Miller Oberman, Richardo Pau-Llosa, Jeffrey Schwaner, Melissa Stein, Jason Tandon, Alexandra Teague, Robert Thomas, and Mark Wagenaar.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Discipline.”

New Issue of Salamander

The new issue of Salamander (#41) is out with work by Gail Mazur, Martha Collins, Wyn Cooper, Carrie Bennett, Chard deNiord, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Jehanne Dubrow, Jessica Greenbaum, Mary LaChapelle, Nicholas Mainieri, Dawn Potter, Gabriel Levin, David Wagoner, and many other fine writers.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “At the Orchard.”

New Review: Book of Hours

My review of Kevin Young’s Book of Hours, which recently won the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, is up at the Harvard Review Online.

New Issue of Poetry East


The autumn issue of Poetry East is out with new work by Ace Boggess, Jody Bolz, Bruce Bond, Jared Carter, Dan Gerber, Bob Hicok, Meg Kearney, Barry Silesky, and C.K. Williams.

My thanks to the editors for including my poems “L’Arabesque,” “New Year’s Day,” and “Swimming Alone in Broad Bay,” all from my new manuscript, The Actual World.



New Issue of Water~Stone Review

The new issue of Water~Stone Review offers a wonderful selection of poems, fiction, non-fiction, and photography, including work by Ray Gonzalez, Dore Kiesselbach, Alison Pelegrin, Paisley Rekdal, Mary Capello, Adam Clay, Todd Davis, and an interview with Jamaal May.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “The Reminder.”

New Issue of Spillway

The new issue of Spillway (#23) is out with work by Norman Dubie, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Gaylord Brewer, Barbara Crooker, Rebecca Faust, David Kirby, Rusty Morrison, Chad Parmenter, Hilary Sideris, Martha Silano, David St. John, Jennifer K. Sweeney, G.C. Waldrep, Andrea Hollander, Melissa Stein, and many, many others.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “Self-Portrait: The Poet at Nine.”

New Issue of SRPR


The new issue of SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review) is out now, featuring cover art by Carol Emmons, from her mixed-media installation, “Surveying Desire XIII: Observatory;” poems by Katie Ford, Francine J. Harris, Kiki Petrosino, Doug Ramspeck, Susan Terris, Sarah Vap, G. C. Waldrep, and Sam Witt among others; and finally, Aracelis Girmay’s review essay of Eduardo C. Corral’s Slow Lightning: Poems, Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric, and Jean Valentine’s Break the Glass.

My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “What Jack Next Door Remembers about Vietnam.”

“Funny…redeeming…quirkily poignant”

Quality of Life Cover


I am incredibly grateful to Joe Benevento at the Green Hills Literary Lantern for his thoughtful, detailed, and generous review of my latest collection of poetry, Quality of Life. To read the full review click here. Below you’ll find a few excerpts:

Tandon demonstrates throughout Quality of Life that he understands loss, the ethereal nature of any good moment. Yet he … insists what we think and do has to matter, and that our resiliency and sympathy are what make it matter…

He leaves us with the impression that it maybe can be a “wonderful life,” not because it’s a constant string of successes and happy moments but because of our ability, if we choose to use it, to see something funny and something redeeming, not in all things, but in as many things as possible…

Tandon’s gift then is to know there is a time for laughter, a time for tears, and sometimes a time just to work and sweat through the pain, to our common blessing, which is also our common curse.  Somehow that curse loses much of its power to overwhelm, once we have turned all the pages in [his] masterful Quality of Life. 


“Chewing on life, faith, and art”


Issue 35: A Loss For Words

The latest issue of Ruminate Magazine (#35) is out with the theme: “a loss for words.” Here is an excerpt from editor Brianna Van Dyke’s introduction:

In her collection of essays, When I Was a Child I Read Books, Marilyn Robinson writes about how much she loves what she calls “the frontiers of the unsayable”:

. . . as a writer, I continuously attempt to make inroads on the vast terrain of what cannot be said—or said by me, at least. I seem to know by intuition a great deal that I cannot find words for, and to enlarge the field of my intuition every time I fail again to find these words. . . . The frontiers of the unsayable, and the avenues of approach to those frontiers, have been opened for me by every book I have ever read that was in any degree ambitious, earnest, or imaginative; by every good teacher I have had; by music and painting; by conversation that was in any way interesting, even conversation overheard as it passed between strangers. . . . We live on a little island of the articulable, which we tend to mistake for reality itself…

I love the mystery that is implied in the phrase a loss for words. It means we’ve come to the end of ourselves, which is both frightening and good. It means that no matter how much talking, examining, or even deep pondering we give, some things are simply imponderable. This is certainly true in our response to tragedy, as we are often rendered silent before the painful mysteries of our world, to be still, to remember how small, how inadequate we really are. And then sometimes we get the chance to act, to say I’ll join you to those suffering. The poet Christian Wiman writes: “Silence is the language of faith. Action—be it church or charity, politics or poetry—is the translation.”


I am very thankful to the editors for including two of my poems in this issue, “A Dream of Departure” and “At a Loss.” To read a sample of work, click the cover above.

New Issue of Paterson Literary Review


The new issue of the Paterson Literary Review (#43) is out with a wonderful variety of work by Martín Espada, Jim Daniels, Marge Piercy, Diane di Prima, Grace Bauer, Tara Betts, Laura Boss, Patricia Fargnoli, Gary Fincke, Kevin Goodan, Jim Haba, William Harry Harding, Wang Ping, Carrie Shipers, Vivian Shipley, and many others. My thanks to the editors for publishing my poem “Cleaning House” from my new manuscript The Actual World.

New Issue of Burnside Review

The latest issue of Burnside Review is out with work by Matthew Rohrer, Kim Chinquee, Joel Brouwer, Jennifer L. Knox, Jennifer K. Sweeney, and M.A. Vizsolyi. My thanks to the editors for including my poem “Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.” To read a selection click the cover above!

New Review: The Moon Before Morning

My brief review of W.S. Merwin’s The Moon Before Morning is up at the Harvard Review Online.

New Poem in Water~Stone Review

The new issue of Water~Stone Review is out with work by Dan Albergotti, Michael Bazzett, Paula Cisewski, Mark Conway, Philip Dacey, Jehanne Dubrow, Leslie Harrison, Sonja Livingston, Camille Norton, Matthew Thorburn, Daneen Wardrop, Xu Xi, and an interview with Benjamin Percy. My thanks to the editors for including my poem, “Between Poems.” Click the cover above for more about this issue!

“Fatherhood, Beginnings” on NPR

My poem, “Fatherhood, Beginnings,” selected from my latest collection Quality of Life, will be featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac tomorrow, October 3rd.

Quality of Life Cover

Interview on Writer’s Digest


My interview with Robert Brewer is now up on the Writer’s Digest online. We discuss a variety of poetry-related topics including my latest collection Quality of Life. Click the image above!

Quality of Life Cover

New Review: Jill Osier

My review of Jill Osier’s should our undoing come down upon us white, winner of the 2013 Frost Place Competition, appears in the latest issue of Pleiades. Click here to read the title poem. And here and here to read a couple more poems from this wonderful collection.


This latest issue of Pleiades (34.2) also includes:

Features: Martha Collins introducing Sara Eliza Johnson, Jack Pendarvis introducing Maegan Poland, and Eleanor Goodman introducing Wang Xiaoni

Folio: Post-Troubles Belfast Poets: Jean Bleakney, Moyra Donaldson, Damian Smyth, Gearoid Mac Lochlainn, Sinead Morrissey, Leontia Flynn, Miriam Gamble, and Sam Riviere

Fiction: by Kate Crosby, Patrick Dacey, Venita Blackburn, S. Brady Tucker & Mary Troy

Essays: by Mark Halliday and Drew Calvert

Poems: by Andrew Grace, Joel Brouwer, Melissa Kwasny, Kuno Raeber, Peter Cooley, Katie Ford, Amy Sparks, Chana Bloch, David Dodd Lee, Sarah Murphy, Jason Olsen, Emily Ho, Carmen Gimenez-Smith, Dan Bellm, Bruce Whiteman, Maya Jewell Zeller, Rich Smith, C. Dylan Basset, Shane Mcrae, Cintia Santana, Laura Van Prooyen, Joshua Marie Wilkinson



Two Poems in The Southampton Review


I am very excited to have two poems published in the latest issue of The Southampton Review: “The End of Grief,” which is from my recent collection, Quality of Life, and “Beatitude,” which is from my new manuscript, The Actual World.

I am especially pleased to be included with such poets, writers, and artists including Robert Pinsky, Edwidge Danticat, Barry Blitt, Billy Collins, Rae Gouirand, Martha Hollander, Andrew Kozma, Michael Maslin, Marilyn Nelson, Rachel Pastan, Nahid Rachlin, Paula Whyman, and Siobhan Phillips.

Click here to read a selection from this issue!

Today on Verse Daily

My poem “Reception” was featured today on Verse Daily. If you like what you read please consider purchasing my latest book, in which this poem appears!

Quality of Life Cover

Two Poems in Passages North


I am very grateful to the editors for publishing two of my poems “Paper Mill in Winter” and “Then” in their latest issue. I am especially honored to appear with such a wonderful range of poets and writers including Kyle Minor, Donald Platt, Carol Guess, Abayomi Animashaun, Jim Daniels, Kwame Dawes, Norman Dubie, Bob Hicok, Vandana Khanna, Andrew Kozma, Gerry LaFemina, Christiana Louisa Langenberg, Kelly Magee, Liza Wieland, Nicole Walker, and Ocean Vuong. To read a selection of work from this issue, click here.

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