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New Issue of Barrow Street

The Winter 2018/2019 issue of Barrow Street is out with poems by Tina Barr, Steven Kramer, Janice N. Harrington, Philip Fried, Virginia Konchan, Nina Lindsay, Martin Ott, Maya Pindyck, and Charles Rafferty.

My thanks to the Lorna Knowles Blake and her fellow editors for including my poem “Weekend Away,” dedicated to Robert Bly.

New Issue of Columbia Poetry Review


The Spring 2018 issue of Columbia Poetry Review is out with new poems by Denise Duhamel, Hoa Nguyen, Amy Gerstler, Cole Swenson, Rusty Morrison, Jennifer Moxley, Stephen Gibson, and many others. My thanks to the editorial staff for including my poem “People Talking.”

Gargoyle #68

The new issue of Gargoyle is out with work by Roy Bentley, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Dana Curtis, Jim Daniels, Mark Decarteret, Gary Fincke, Richard Jones, George Kalamaras, Elisabeth Murawski, Jenny Sadre-Orafai, Adam Tavel, Michael Waters, Anne Pierson Wiese, Valerie Wohlfeld, and Adrienne Su. My thanks to Richard Peabody for including my poem “Memory.”

RHINO Poetry


The 2017 issue of RHINO is out with work by Eric Pankey, Kristina Marie Darling, Adam Day, Lola Haskins, Andrea Hollander, Michael Homolka, Rochelle Hurt, Rachel Mennies, Alison Prine, Lee Sharkey, Joyce Sutphen, and Joshua Marie Wilkinson.

My thanks to Ralph Hamilton and the editorial board for including my poem “April Foolishness.”

New Issue of Poetry East


The new issue of Poetry East is out with poems by Alice Friman, Dobby Gibson, Ted Kooser, Marsh Muirhead, Susan Blackwell Ramsey, and Barry Silesky. This issue also includes paintings by Caravaggio, Titian, and Bellini, along with prose pieces by Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lord Byron, and Walter Pater.

My thanks to editor Richard Jones for including my poem “In the Country.”

Two Poems up at AGNI Online

Image result for AGNI bu

Two new poems of mine are up at AGNI Online: “Having Forgotten to Put Out Fresh Towels, I Run Naked and Wet to the Bedroom” and “I Looked Up to See.”

My thanks to William Pierce and the editorial staff for their selections and kind introduction.

New Issue of Lake Effect

Cover of Lake Effect Vol. 21

The Spring 2017 issue of Lake Effect is out with poetry and fiction by Stephen Dunn, Norman Dubie, Kathy Fagan, Tony Hoagland, John Gallaher, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Jeff Gundy, Tina May Hall, Christopher Howell, Robert Gibb, Dorothy Berresi, Christopher Buckley, David Clewell, Alberto Alvaro Rios, and Kathryn Nuernberger.

My thanks to George Looney and the editorial board for including my poems “Directive” and “Dusk.”