New Review: Jill Osier

by jtandon

My review of Jill Osier’s should our undoing come down upon us white, winner of the 2013 Frost Place Competition, appears in the latest issue of Pleiades. Click here to read the title poem. And here and here to read a couple more poems from this wonderful collection.


This latest issue of Pleiades (34.2) also includes:

Features: Martha Collins introducing Sara Eliza Johnson, Jack Pendarvis introducing Maegan Poland, and Eleanor Goodman introducing Wang Xiaoni

Folio: Post-Troubles Belfast Poets: Jean Bleakney, Moyra Donaldson, Damian Smyth, Gearoid Mac Lochlainn, Sinead Morrissey, Leontia Flynn, Miriam Gamble, and Sam Riviere

Fiction: by Kate Crosby, Patrick Dacey, Venita Blackburn, S. Brady Tucker & Mary Troy

Essays: by Mark Halliday and Drew Calvert

Poems: by Andrew Grace, Joel Brouwer, Melissa Kwasny, Kuno Raeber, Peter Cooley, Katie Ford, Amy Sparks, Chana Bloch, David Dodd Lee, Sarah Murphy, Jason Olsen, Emily Ho, Carmen Gimenez-Smith, Dan Bellm, Bruce Whiteman, Maya Jewell Zeller, Rich Smith, C. Dylan Basset, Shane Mcrae, Cintia Santana, Laura Van Prooyen, Joshua Marie Wilkinson